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Protective, Chemical Resistant Clothing for Hygiene Teams

Keeping you covered for total protection

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WashGuard offers the ultimate waterproof, chemical resistant solution to keep your hygiene operators protected.

Washguard PPE Product Range

We are able to cater for any number of wetsuit users in a variety of factory settings, so whether your conveyor belt or food assembly team require new aprons or your washdown team require waterproof coveralls, we have a range to suit you.

The WashGuard range has reflective strips to help your factory operator ‘be safe and be seen’, and come in a variety of sizes and colours to suit your cleaning requirements and factory colour coding program.

Constructed from 40% polyurethane and 60% nylon, WashGuard protective clothing complies to EN14605 Type PB [4], EN343, and CE0493 meaning your operators will remain safe in your factory.

Product Range

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WashGuard is dedicated to helping businesses around the world to meet their ambitious green targets. A key way to achieve this is by choosing high-quality products that are designed with sustainability at their core.

All WashGuard workwear comes with the following features, which will greatly support your sustainability policy:

  • Tough, resilient and dependable design means clothing lasts longer, which removes the need to regularly replace it.
  • Operator comfort enables your workers to use their protective workwear to full effect, bringing greater hygiene results in less time.
  • WashGuard clothing and protective equipment can be reused by multiple employees, further reducing the need for replacements.
  • Quick drying material ensures that WashGuard clothing is always ready for the next shift.
  • We also offer a recycling scheme for our WashGuard range of wellingtons and garments. Send us your out of use WashGuard items which will be shredded and repurposed into playground surfaces, athletic fields, shipping pallets and much more! For more information about this scheme please contact us.

WashGuard is part of the FoodClean By QJS Group

Delivering leading-edge protective clothing to multiple industries, WashGuard is an integral component of FoodClean by QJS Group. A family-run business with clients across the globe, FoodClean helps factories and facilities to cut costs, upskill workers, incorporate sustainability, and achieve ultimate levels of workplace hygiene by inviting them to join the Clean Factory Revolution.

By creating practical solutions for overcoming a variety of hygiene constraints, the innovative chemical products, equipment and training courses developed by FoodClean guarantee unrivalled results. Through a tailored approach that takes into account your exact needs and goals, a dedicated team of hygiene experts will help you to reduce the amount of time, money, labour, water, energy and chemicals required to keep your premises compliant and running at peak performance.

WashGuard is very much at the heart of the FoodClean approach to industrial hygiene, as our wide range of safety clothing gives cleaning operatives everything they need to get more done in less time whilst remaining fully protected against workplace hazards.

To find out more about how FoodClean and WashGuard can work in unison to support your targets and objectives, click below to further explore the Clean Factory Revolution.

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