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Protective Clothing for Hygiene Heroes

An operator-based approach to the purchase of hygiene equipment

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Don’t just change… Transform.

We know that you understand how important the cleaning function is, we also know that the hygiene team constantly face a variety of risks and unpleasant conditions as part of their day-to-day roles.

Performing an essential job, in unforgiving conditions, against strict time limits, hygiene teams are heroes, and should be kitted out accordingly.

Transform your team into heroes by providing high-quality, reusable, WashGuard PPE. This not only gives the operative the comfort and safety they deserve, it also shows them that they are valued and creates a more motivated, engaged and productive team.


Hero Benefits

Increased Productivity

A comfortable and motivated team is more efficient and effective

Complies to regulations and is chemical resistant to ensure your heroes are fully protected

High-quality, well fitting kit increases accountability and ownership, therefore stays well maintained

Reduce Costs
Durable kit lasts longer, reducing long-term costs

Improve sustainability
Longer lasting kit with recycling options improves sustainability

Reduce Staff Turnover
High quality, well fitting PPE reduces staff turnover

Give your Heroes the kit they deserve

If someone is responsible for putting food on the table, they deserve everything they need to get the job done safely and efficiently.
WashGuard clothing is designed to protect the Hygiene Heroes who keep Britain fed and watered.

  • Designed for operator comfort
  • Stay warm in cold environments and cool in hot surroundings
  • Integrated safety features, such as reflective strips
  • Knee pads for safe and comfortable working
  • Pockets designed for storing equipment nozzles
  • Elasticated cuffs prevent snags and accidents
  • Quick drying material ensures it is always ready for the next shift
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Tough, resilient and durable material means clothing lasts significantly longer
  • Goggles prevent eye injuries and are resistant to fogging
  • Wellingtons are resistant to impact and compression, insulated for cold environments and anti-static
  • Constructed from 40% polyurethane and 60% nylon, complies to EN14605 Type PB [4], EN343, and CE0493

Protect them so they can protect everyone else

Ultimate protection against water and chemicals from head to toe – the ultimate kit for #HygieneHeroes.

See The Results

It can sometimes be difficult to assess the value of PPE across the whole organisation, which can lead to a short-term cost, heavily influencing the purchasing decision.

Our case studies show how a longer term, operator lead approach has multiple benefits and how the correct investment in PPE can result in improvements across the board.

Washguard vs Disposable

Productivity Increased

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