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Protective Clothing for Hygiene Heroes

An operator-based approach to the purchase of hygiene equipment

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Don’t just change… Transform.

We know, you understand how important the cleaning function is, we also know your cleaning operatives constantly face a variety of risks as part of their day-to-day roles. Often very hot, cold, damp, humid or steamy, they’re on their feet, on the move, handling a variety of hazardous chemicals on floors and surface that a very slippery, often at night when most of the management team is at home.

We know you want to protect them as best you can within the often-limited hygiene budget you have available. We also know the pressure you are under with high staff turnover and recruitment. Helping you help the hygiene operators’ heroes is what we do.

By supplying the operative with the washguard resusable PPe and the right kit, in the right place at the right time. The operatives recognises that they are being provided for and therefor becomes increasingly more engaged in performing their role.

This act of providing quality PPE and equipment to the operator facilitates a shift in the relationship with the Hygiene Manager and supports are more positive and mutually respected approach to improving how cleaning is done. They are in it together and it’s not a case of us vs them anymore.

It’s us and let’s show everyone else on the day shift and in the board room how important we are and our performance is to the running of this food factory.

Give your Heroes the kit they deserve

  • Designed for operator comfort
  • The wearer stays warm in cold environments and cool in hot surroundings.
  • Integrated safety features, such as reflective strips
  • Knee pads for safe and comfortable working
  • Pockets designed for storing equipment nozzles
  • Elasticated cuffs that prevent snags and accidents
  • Quick drying material ensures that WashGuard clothing is always ready for the next shift.
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Tough, resilient and dependable design means clothing lasts longer, which removes the need to regularly replace it.
  • Wellingtons are durable, resistant to impact and compression, insulated for cold environments and anti-static
  • Workwear materials have oil, grease and fat resistant properties
  • Constructed from 40% polyurethane and 60% nylon, WashGuard protective clothing complies to EN14605 Type PB [4], EN343, and CE0493 meaning your operators will remain safe in your factory.
  • Goggles prevent eye injuries and ours are resistant to fogging, making them perfect for food manufacturing environments.

Protect them so they can protect everyone

Food factory Hygiene Team had crap PPE, so they had a high cleaning operator staff turn over which impacted food production. Once they started using WashGuard, staff turnover decreased, and production hours increased due to the hygiene teams increased performance.

See The Results

This ideal culture is what’s most desired from all parties and the route to achieving it often starts in looking after their PPE and equipment needs better. Which ironically in the case of single use vs reusable PPE is more economical too. A win win for all, especially the higher ups pulling the purse strings who often don’t have a true understanding of what goes into the hygiene operation as w whole and how the correct investments at PPE, equipment, systems, and process levels can result in savings across the board.

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